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The INFINITENOIZE MUSIC NFTS is a marketplace where new content and music is shared. This methodology is giving fans an opportunity to purchase parts of project that can be traded or held for future rewards and experiences.

INFINITENOZIE MUSIC NFT marketplace will own 5-8% of the NFTS minted on our platform, and will also take 4% off every NFT sales in perpetuity.

Market Strategy: Utilizing our industry connections and traditional marketing tactics we aim to have 15,000 user community prior to launch of InfiniteNoize Music Competition. A global competition is in place where users can join discord to vote of the winners of their choice and active members will have the chance to win prizes.

Traditional/Organic marketing will be activated through our established industry relationships, influencers, blogs, and social media outlets. (i.e. Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and Telegram.

Primed to be the next level of the Record Business, INFINITENOIZE MUSIC has the flagship platform for redefining conventional methods of revenue generation as well as creating new revenue streams simultaneously.

Launched as an NFT, an artist’s brand can be leveraged through INFINITENOIZE MUSIC, which will expose the artist to new methods of revenue monetization in addition to growing their fanbase.

INFINITNOIZE MUSIC NFT LAUNCHPAD: INFINITENOIZE MUSIC aims to be at the forefront of the music NFTS market. By offering fans and users the ability to receive rewards (perks).”